Cheap Outdoor Curtains Ideas: Decorating your Home with Curtains!

Add the perfect finishing touch to any room in your home with beautifully designed curtains from Cheap Outdoor Curtains! We hope that our curtain collection can bring you the most popular prints and tabby fabrics in all sizes you need. Lets see below how we can decorate or re-decorate your home:


Curtains in each room

When redecorating a home, it’s easy to forget fine details like soft furniture. The curtain makes whole room lifelike, it is you need to make the room feels complete make the finishing point only.

The room you want to decorate will depend on the type of curtain you may choose. Sitting room curtain and wall paper or diffuse cushion for leaning on have same design, can tie whole room together, reveal individual character thereby. Additional, you also can choose classic 100 plait curtain, highlight one of main colour in adornment style.

While blinds are usually a favourite in some rooms, kitchen curtains can give your space a rich and warm feel. For practicality, choose styles that fall directly under the window sills, or, if you have large multifunctional Spaces (such as the kitchen dining room), let them fall to the floor in luxurious fabrics for ultimate luxury.

How to choose curtains for your bedroom

Shade curtains are especially welcome for bedroom. They have a special layer that helps eliminate any light passing through, which means you can get a good night’s sleep without being disturbed by the early sunrise. Insulated curtains also provide a perfect solution for the bedroom, especially during the cold months. These will keep the heat in, allowing you to save on your electric bill while ensuring comfort in your home. We offer tailored options that can be supplied with hot linings.

Another thing to consider when choosing bedroom curtains is length. For children bedroom, had better stop short curtain below windowsill normally, because this can prevent children to pull the curtain, reduce the risk that damages or smouldering maximumly. In the master bedroom or guest bedroom, the floor style design, with a knot design, make your room like a boutique hotel.

How to hang curtains

The way you hang the curtains depends on the type of curtain you use. Curtains have different titles and need to be hung in different ways.


How to hang pencil pleat curtain

At the top of the curtain is a folded part that forms a fold for decorative effect. When you pick up the curtain, the curtain will become flat, and the tightness of drape or tightness degree depends on you. Each curtain has a cord at the top that runs through the headband – once the cord is pulled, it creates an aggregation effect. Here are some things to consider:

1. Tie a knot at one end before pulling the string, otherwise it will slip out of the tape.

2. Pull the wire further for tighter folds, or make more space by reducing the tension.

3. Once you are satisfied with the appearance of the fold, tie the other end of the line and hide the excess in the tape

Once pleated, you will need to add curtain hooks. If you have a track, place the hook in the middle row of tape on the back of the curtain before attaching it to the track. If you have a pole, connect it to the first line. They can then be inserted into the rings on the rod to produce seamless motion.

How to hang eyelet curtains

Eyelet curtains are simpler to hang, but they work only on curtain rods, not rails. The easiest way to place a perforated curtain on a pole is to fold the curtain into a hexagonal shape until all the holes are stacked together. Then, you can put the poles through the holes and separate the curtains after they are hung. Be sure to fold so that the edges of the curtains are facing the wall, as this means only the front of the curtains are visible.

The above is only a preliminary guide on how to hang curtains, if you want further details in this topic, please read our article “How to Hang My Ready Made Curtains”.

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