The Differences between Lined and Unlined Curtains

The difference between Lined curtains and Unlined curtains Curtains are an essential part of every home’s decor. And having the right curtains can be the last piece to the puzzle – the furnishing that makes the room, while having the wrong ones . . . well, no one wants to look at bad curtains. When given an option, should […]

Introductory guide to curtain tracks and poles

Differences between tracks and poles Tracks and poles are practical items, used to hang curtains. They both perform the same function, however, curtain poles are usually at least partially visible, therefore the designs and available ranges are wider to help create a complementary look. Tracks, using clip on gliders, are subtler and can be almost […]

Guide to the Size Measurement of Curtains

So you know you need curtains but do not have a clue on the size of ready made curtains at the marketplace? Then you must read this article before you got the curtain of wrong size! The very first step is to measure for your curtains. Once armed with this info you can decide what size […]

How to Hang My Ready Made Curtains

How to Hang My Ready Made Curtains As we have wrote about how to decorate our homes with curtains previously (Read “Cheap Outdoor Curtains Ideas: Decorating your Home with Curtains!“), we would like to dive deep into this topic here to give you all a more details guide on the ways for hanging ready made […]

How to Measure Ready Made Curtains Easily

When measuring for curtains, you’ll be starting with no clues: a window with no track or pole and you need to figure out what size to buy. But after reading this article, getting the right measurements for your ready made curtains at home would be an easy job. However, doing it in the wrong way […]

Cheap Outdoor Curtains Ideas: Decorating your Home with Curtains!

Add the perfect finishing touch to any room in your home with beautifully designed curtains from Cheap Outdoor Curtains! We hope that our curtain collection can bring you the most popular prints and tabby fabrics in all sizes you need. Lets see below how we can decorate or re-decorate your home:   Curtains in each […]