WhO are we?

We’re a fully talented team of 8 people living and working in Asia. Working closely with designers, we have been providing unique curtain ideas to our business partners of luxurious residences for over 10 years. We also work hard to design the best curtain products to decorate the homes of our customer by providing them with great home decoration ideas with the use of curtains and other home accessories, adding a touch of luxury and innovative design to their homes.

We’ve always aimed to do things a little differently. Since the early days, we’ve had a focus on local business partners and customers through traditional practices. Recently, we have moved our business from offline to online in order to reach customers from all over the world, of course, with better services and a wider range of products.

A commitment to supporting our team and our customers has helped us grow from humble beginnings to now serving more than 50,000 customers. Our passion for making meaningful connections flows through everything we do.

We care about designing quality products, building trusted relationships with our customers and a sense of community that connects our customers and team with one another. 

To learn more about our approach to business and work, feel free to contact us by sending an e-mail to outdoorcurtainscheap@gmail.com.

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