It’s such fun imagining your rooms with new window treatments!

A fresh new set of designer curtains can add new life and unique flair to any room in your home, and of course to any outdoor areas, making them noticeable to your guests.

Here at Cheap Outdoor Curtains, quality at affordable price is our top priority. We choose the best curtains for your home, with materials that are not only beautiful, but built to last. We take pride in providing best quality, stylish, and functional curtains that will bring your room to life. 

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Cheap Outdoor Curtains FAQs

Frequently asked questions by our customers

How to hang outdoor curtains?

Outdoor curtains create an elegant, fluid look. Because they move in the breeze, letting sunlight into the space, they create a mottled effect but do not provide continuous shadows like other types of curtains. When suspended from a balcony or cane entrance, they present the look of an elegant old-fashioned porch.

The easiest way to install outdoor curtains is to place a tie rod in the support of the porch or trellis wall. Curtain rods for outdoor use can also be mounted on walls, ceilings or internal supports.

Choose fabrics that are resistant to fading, mildew, and suitable for outdoor use. Remove the curtains for washing in the winter (follow the instructions on the label) and hang them in the spring.

How to keep outdoor curtains from blowing in the wind?

Outdoor curtains add a home feel to your outdoor space. But the wind can easily blow them up and blow them around, a bit against the purpose of owning them! Jamie showed us how they solve this via this Youtube video.

Another way is that you can buy those beautiful curtain ties from Joo Chiat Complex – there are many curtain shops to choose from! It is basically a small ring, you tie the curtains together and tie them together, It’s heavy enough to hold them down, so they won’t fly out of the window.

Where to buy outdoor curtains?

At Cheap Outdoor Curtains Shop, we always strive for the best to provide good value for money outdoor curtains for our customers.

We are a very talented team with 8 people living and working in Asia. Working closely with designers, we have been providing unique luxury curtain ideas to our residential business partners for more than a decade. We also strive to design the best outdoor curtain products to decorate our customers’ homes, provide them with great home decoration ideas by using curtains and other home accessories, and add a touch of luxury and innovative design to their homes.

Our goal is to do something different. Since the early days, we have traditionally focused on local business partners and customers. Recently, we moved our business from offline to online to reach customers around the world with better service and a wider range of products.

Our commitment to supporting our team and customers has helped us grow from our humble beginnings to serving more than 50,000 customers today. Our passion for making meaningful connections runs through everything we do.

We care about designing high-quality products, building trusted relationships with customers, and the sense of community that connects customers and teams to each other.

You can shop for our updated products here.

What fabric to use for outdoor curtains?

An outdoor curtain can easily turn any corner into a special corner to relax, entertain (night or day), or simply create an extra space extension for your living area. Hope you will have some architectural frames or some creative ways to hang curtains, but once you are attracted by the charm of the outdoors, I know you will figure out that part. When the whisper of the wind creates the waves of fabric to summon you outdoors, your new space is another opportunity to express your comfortable and simple lifestyle. However, first of all, you should look at these three important considerations.

  1. Block sun
    Many of us just want a cool place to hide from the hot sun and provide a gentle alternative to Arctic, artificial and expensive air conditioning. If you crave fresh air, try to capture the sounds of nature and enjoy the real sunshine. Choose dark and heavier fabrics to block the sun, otherwise you will be unhappy because the lighter fabrics won’t block heat. If bed bugs and lemongrass candles make you uncomfortable, dark curtains can also reduce these pesky animals. Curtains made of Sunbrella fabric are a good choice because it is a super weather-resistant fabric that blocks most of the UV rays and prevents mold and discoloration. This easy-care fabric will protect your outdoor living area from all residual trees, animals, weather, and nasty food leaks. The wind can also be fickle, because it can blow onto curtains, cause damage, overturn candles, and make a mess. If these things bother you, find a thicker outdoor curtain for the best protection.
  2. Create privacy
    If privacy is your main concern from annoying street viewers, or bright lights and hustle and bustle or you really need your outdoor space to be a separate crossover and private room, you also need to choose a heavier fabric to protect You live in one place from all the everyday and night disturbances, not the natural tranquility. If you cherish the secluded look of a secret outdoor place, don’t be disappointed by choosing an outdoor curtain that is too thin and too transparent, it will eventually disappoint you as you try to relax yourself at the end of the day.
  3. Improve mood
    For those of us who are attracted by the romantic French outdoor cafe or the mysterious Moorish “Lawrence of Arabia”, pure materials enhance this effect. The charming atmosphere of flowing outdoor curtains like a gossamer evokes the fading feeling of those fleeting warm days. It reminds me of the gorgeous movie “The Great Gatsby”, where Daisy easily floated through the transparent curtains. Remember, tulle curtains are not practical or durable, but as long as your mood is the theme of your outdoor room and the melody permeating this space, your position will be harmonious.

It seems we always have to find a balance between numbness and etherealness-the dilemma of the designer! Whether you choose a heavy or pure outdoor treatment, you can always add quirky lanterns, exotic pillows and throws, retro , Modern, hut or bohemian accents shape your scene.

If the outdoor curtains are too thick, a awning will be enough for you to enjoy these lazy days.

Outdoor curtains can easily add an instant atmosphere to your home like a breeze, or they can be a permanent complement to cultivate your outdoor spirit. Let the call of the wild inspire you.

Do your shop accept international delivery?

Yes! Our goal is to provide you with the best shipping options wherever you live. Every day, we deliver products to hundreds of customers around the world, ensuring that we always provide you with the highest level of response.

Please ensure that you have completed the correct information including, but not limited to, your full name, address, post code, and phone number. The goods will be sent to your address according to the information you provided.

For more details on estimated times and procedures, please review our shipping policy.